About Us



Run The World By Victor Sandifer Is a Community Empowerment Brand that was founded in 2013 in Oakland, CA by Oakland natives Victor Sandifer and Demont Oliver. The brand Logo is an interpretation of an Adinkra symbol known as Sankofa. Run The World Sankofa symbol is designed with a globe in its stomach,  which signifies the brands Motto/Idea “Look Back, Give Back to the World.” Looking back and giving back to your community with your Passion/Talents is what the brand believes it means to Run The World.


To improve the spiritual, social and intellectual condition of communities by creating products & experiences that educate, empower and inspire. 


"Look Back, Give Back to The World"


If we can make Consciousness cool, we the People will Run The World 


EC3 = Empowering through Community, Culture, and Consciousness